Washington Bankruptcy

Washington Bankruptcy: Successful Bankruptcy

  1. We need to answer all of your WA bankruptcy questions and concerns. We try to answer email as promptly as possible.
  2. We need to decide which WA Bankruptcy Chapter -- 7 or 13.
  3. You need to obtain a Pre-filing Credit Counseling certificate for each debtor. www.PersonalFinanceEducation.com
  4. You need to Fill Out the Questionnaire as completely as possible.
  5. You must transmit all of the required WA bankruptcy documentation to us.
  6. You need to send our fee and the filing fee by certified check, money order or by PayPal.
  7. We need a few days to complete the WA Bankruptcy Petition and all of the Schedules and email them to you for review.
  8. We need a telephonic WA bankruptcy consultation before you sign. Some corrections may be necessary. Your Petition must be complete and accurate.
  9. We need to receive the Petition and Schedules with original signatures.
  10. We then file electronically and mail you proof of the WA bankruptcy filing.
  11. We send Notice of Stay to any garnishments or foreclosures in process. We need copies of the garnishment or the foreclosure documents.
  12. As soon as you receive proof of filing and the case number, you obtain the second counseling session and certificates.
  13. You make arrangements to attend the 341 meeting with the trustee with picture ID and proof of your social security number. One of our WA bankruptcy attorneys will attend with you.
  14. Approximately 60 days after the 341 meeting you will receive the discharge in the mail at the address in your petition. This is your proof that you do not owe the discharged debts any longer.
  15. You let us know if you have any Superior Court Judgments against you so we can determine if a Lien Avoidance filing is necessary. (Additional fee required)

I was in a bad situation financially due to my divorce. Mr. Reynolds and his staff were professional, courteous, and efficient in getting my bankruptcy filed and getting me back on the road to financial recovery. I would recommend the office of Robert J. Reynolds, P.S., to anyone who need of assistance during a financial crisis.

John P.

Yakima, WA