Chapter 13 Washington

Chapter 13 Washington Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Washington Bankruptcy is a particularly useful tool for those couples or individuals that have fallen behind on their house payments or who are not eligible to file a Chapter 7 Washington bankruptcy because of too much income or a prior Chapter 7 filing. When the Court approves your Chapter 13 Washington plan, your creditors must discontinue collection efforts while you make payments to the Trustee.

Chapter 13 Washington Bankruptcy Plans

Robert J. Reynolds P.S. will work with you to develop a realistic Chapter 13 Washington bankruptcy plan which will then be submitted to the Court for approval. You make the payment called for in the plan to the Washington State bankruptcy trustee, who in turn pays the money to your creditors. The Chapter 13 Washington bankruptcy plan will require a monthly payment for a minimum of 3 - 5 years. If you make the payments called for in the plan, all of your unsecured debt that is listed in your schedules will be discharged and your house payment will be brought current.

Chapter 13 Washington Payment Amount

The amount of your monthly payment to the Chapter 13 Washington Trustee depends on several different factors, including the amount of your monthly income and the amount of payments that the Trustee needs to make on your behalf. Robert J. Reynolds P.S. can assist you in obtaining the relief that you need, with the lowest appropriate monthly payment.

Qualifications for a Chapter 13 Washington Bankruptcy

You need to have a monthly income which is sufficient to pay your monthly living expenses, as well as the plan payment to the Trustee. You may not incur any additional debt during the life of the plan without Bankruptcy Court approval.

Chapter 13 Washington Help

Robert J. Reynolds has over 30 years experience guiding debtors like you through the Chapter 13 Washington process in order to accomplish their objectives at the lowest cost possible. There are quite a number of statutory requirements for a Chapter 13 Washington bankruptcy plan and an experience bankruptcy lawyer is crucial to developing a plan that complies with the statute in order to obtain Washington State Bankruptcy Court approval.

I was in a hole financially, and I didn't know where to turn. I went in and talked to Mr. Reynolds about my situation. I was very impressed because Mr. Reynolds is bilingual and can speak Spanish. He told me not to worry about anything, that he would take care of everything, and he did. He completed all the paperwork and got my bankruptcy filed quickly. Mr. Reynolds really helped me out. I refer all of my Spanish speaking friends to him.

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